Posted by: diywannabe | April 13, 2011

The Jungle Has Been Tamed


Seriously, this yard project has taken every single minute of almost every single weekend for the past month and a half.  Not to mention cost us a pretty penny as well.  But something needed to be done and we are very happy with the results. 

This is what we were working with before:

Out of control!  The bushes were horribly overgrown and the leaves had been piling up for what I suspect was years.  Here is what it looked like after we ripped almost everything out:

See that bushy little green palm on the left?  That guy was right there in front the whole time but unnoticeable with that backdrop of chaos behind him!  Those flower pots in the photo are just there to help us visualize our future plant placement.

And here is the result of hours upon hours of back-breaking work:

Okay, the changes may not be as shocking in photographs but I assure you that in person it looks soooooooo much better.  Much simpler.

More before, during, and afters:







Different angle:








Another angle once again:






























We had this amount of waste probably 3 times:

Yikes.  We did transplant a couple of the azalea bushes to the back perimeter and the side of the house. 

New plants included 4 large Everblooming Gardenia, 3 Pink Frost Helleborus, 2 African Iris, 2 Red Anemone, & 4 Creeping Phlox.  We also added over half a pallet of sod in the front, a stone border, and black mulch.  In a few areas where the new sod was going to be laid, some Hostas started to sprout up.  So I transplanted 8 of them (4 inside the bordered bed & 4 up near the circle around the tree).  Most of the plants will stay evergreen throughout the year, which was a conscious decision we made so that the front didn’t look like the “in progress” pictures during the winter. 

Whew!  We are worn out after this one!  Hopefully it will just be minor maintainance from here on out!  One last side by side:


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