Posted by: diywannabe | March 18, 2011

Dig It

The post title refers to the things that I am liking right now but also that most of these things seem to be associated with the outdoors and gardening.  I officially have Spring Fever.  The weather has been beautiful the past couple of weeks and tomorrow (Saturday) is supposed to be 82 and sunny.  Pretty darn perfect, if you ask me.  While the spring yard clean up has already been underway in our house for a few weeks now, we are not nearly done.  The front yard project was put on hold while we traveled to Florida last weekend but will be in full swing tomorrow.  We need to get on that before our neighbors start to give us the stink eye.  So without further ado, here are things that I’m coveting and most likely can’t afford any time soon…yes, it’s a shallow (but fun) post:

Outdoor garden stool

Oh how I’ve wanted one of these for ages.  I’m a sucker for some purdy glaze.  But I’d probably end up using this inside as a small side table.  Or maybe the front porch for a punch of color.  Or maybe the back deck.  Oh dear, maybe I’ll have to get one in every color.

Patio Dining Chairs

But just the chairs.  Bob already built a nice solid wood dining table and right now it’s just sitting out on the deck…naked.  The style of these chairs would match the table pretty well and they also look comfortable.  While we’re on the subject of chairs…

Chaise Lounge

So ridiculously expensive and I have no idea where I’d put it in the yard but a girl can dream, right?

New Patio Door

The doors themselves are from Lowe’s and are sliding.  Right now we have french doors in the spot leading out to the deck and they are old.  In order to fully close the one with the handle it needs to be slammed.  Quite annoying.  Plus we’d love to be able to slide open the door and have a screen in order to allow some fresh air in.  Right now we tend to just prop the door open and hope no nasty bugs decide to venture inside.  We’ve been lucky so far besides one game of Operation Wasp Removal (which was a success).

Water Feature

Wishful thinking once again.  Can you tell that I want to make the backyard an outdoor oasis?  Sonny would probably think this was his personal giant water dish.

Vintage Style Fan

I want to rip out the ceiling fan in the guest room sooooo bad.  It’s ugly and hangs down above the bed, making it feel like the ceiling is closing in on you.  But for the comfort of our guests, a fan is really nice.  The addition of one of these vintage style fans on the dresser top would be oh so classy.  I’m torn between something classic like the bronze finish or something more modern and fun like the bright colored finish of the right one.
Upholstered Ottoman
Eventually we want something like this to replace our current glass and wood coffee table in the living room.  And when I say ‘eventually’, I really mean far far far in the future.  Our current espresso stained coffee table is really nice looking and a great size but there are two things wrong with it:  it is uncomfortable to rest your feet on and it has sharp corners (I hear that’s bad for any future toddler heads).   Also, maybe something upholstered would discourage us from eating dinner in front of the TV every night.  Maybe.
Geo Tile - Turquoise & White  wild blueberry ikathoneysuckle ikat circles  ginkgo love from Japan
These fabrics are from a site I just discovered called .  The choices of textiles is AMAZING.  It has my head spinning.  How can you choose just one?!?  They aren’t the cheapest of fabrics but I’ve wasted spent many an hour browsing through all the beauty.  I’m particularly partial to their abstract, large-scale prints.  Hmm the dining room chairs are in need of some fabric….
So that’s the short list of what I’m wanting right now.  Jeez that sounds so bratty.  But it’s just window shopping, I swear.  (that last little bit was for the husband, in case he reads this and has a fit).
P.S.  I’m pretty horrible at window shopping….

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