Posted by: diywannabe | March 9, 2011

The Home as a Canvas

Balance seems to be something that every person struggles with at some point in their life.  Whether it be between work and family, spending and saving, etc.  Part of a recent post from another blog really hit home for me:

I think a lot of times crafting your home and decorating your space can be seen as materialistic or silly when there is so much more serious stuff going on in the world.  And maybe sometimes it is.  But on the other hand, if a balance is struck, it can be a creative outlet that often goes unrecognized.  I admit that sometimes I have to pull in the reins a bit and stop myself from buying a bunch of knick knacks (or Bob does it for me).  Other times I feel a little stifled when the words “we don’t need that” are uttered constantly or a project idea is scoffed at.  Of course when it comes to survival, we really don’t “need” anything that is in our house.  We could live in a cardboard box and survive.  But you better believe that I’d be painting the walls of that box to coordinate with my sleeping bag.  That’s where I get my kicks.  I can’t explain it.  Why do most men like sports?  Or video games?  Why does my husband enjoy budget spreadsheets so much?  I don’t try to deconstruct it.  As long as there is some attempt at balance.  I guess that’s what life is all about.  It boils down to priorities and letting the crafting stay a hobby, not an obsession.


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