Posted by: diywannabe | March 7, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle

Also known as our front yard.  Except an actual  jungle probably looks nicer.  Here’s what we have been dealing with all winter.  And I have to note that this is not a case of neglect…we’ve spent hours upon hours almost every weekend raking those dang leaves but they keep falling!  I swear they are never going to stop.

So it was time for an intervention…or destruction!  Contemplating his first move:

We did some research prior to this massive undertaking and also visited the local garden center and asked a ton of questions.  I don’t know what a lot of those bushes are but the biggest ones on the corners will never bloom and “should have stayed in the ’70’s” according to Steve Parsley at our local garden center.  And I did not make that name up!  How great is that?!  Anyways, everything got trashed except for those two dark bushes in the center.  They are azaleas and are currently covered in dark pink buds set to bloom in the next week or so.  I didn’t have the heart to order their execution before they gave us some eye candy.  After that though, they are outta here.  I’m hoping we can transplant them to the back but they may be stubborn and have to get torn apart in order to get removed.  The plan is to start with a blank slate and then we have a good idea of what’s going to go in.  The idea is simple & defined.  Pretty much the exact opposite of what was going on there prior to yesterday.

The area directly in front of all of the bushes was much more orderly so we’ll be keeping that.  Only difference will be less leaves and better mulch.  I had planted a bunch of daffodil and tulip bulbs around the tree and the daffodils already started blooming (hard to see in the pic).

Our backyard is a much different story.  Much more orderly.  Last weekend I filled my bird feeder with bird seed.  Never saw a single bird on it all week.  The only thing I could seem to attract was every squirrel in a 5 mile radius and our dog.  I woke up last Friday morning to find it shattered on the ground.  I’m assuming the squirrels were pissed that it was getting low and wanted to send me a message.

Since mid-February the camelias along the back fence and in the other corner have been blooming like crazy.  So beautiful and so many colors!

And inside the house is also quite colorful thanks to the husband.  Almost 2 weeks ago he got awarded a bonus at work and bought me flowers.  What a guy.  I can’t believe these beauties have lasted so long with no signs of wilting!


Cheers to Spring!!


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