Posted by: diywannabe | February 23, 2011

Back on our home turf

Well we made it back from our little European tour in once piece.  Although we were quite exhausted.  I’ve never before felt so happy to be home or grateful for where we live.  After trudging around in cold, rainy weather for over a week with thousands of people around me, it was a welcome surprise to come home to Charleston and realize that winter had ended while we were away!  The weather was 76 and sunny and the solitude of lounging in our private backyard all afternoon was just sublime.

The trip overall was a great experience.  We visited London, Paris, Geneva & Montreux, Switzerland.  And we both agreed that Montreux was by far our favorite out of the trip.  With its beautifully landscaped promenade along the lake and views of the Alps, it was more our speed than the big cities filled with tourists.  I’d highly recommend it.

Here is a link to all the pictures…there are a lot.  I’ll probably post in more detail about certain aspects of the trip later but I wanted to get these photos off my plate.
And here’s a short video of the sparkling Eiffel Tower on Valentine’s Day that could not be captured with a photo.  It’s the worst video in the history of the world & I apologize ahead of time.  I don’t know why I thought that the picture wouldn’t be sideways if I turned the camera sideways…doh!


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