Posted by: diywannabe | February 3, 2011

The only way I’ll watch ESPN

Now that I have all of our hotels and transportation booked for our upcoming Europe trip, my main focus during preparation has been for the flight over to London.  I’m not really looking forward to flying by myself for 8 hours {okay I’m actually dreading it} but to make matters worse, I’m flying overnight.  I’ll be landing in London at 7:45 am (their time) which will really be like 1:45 am my time.  Everyone’s advice is to sleep on the plane.  Easier said than done for me.  I once flew the Red Eye back from Hawaii (9.5 hour flight) without sleeping a wink.  Impossible you say?  Nope, sad but true.  This is in sharp contrast to my husband who is known the world ’round for his ability to sleep any time, anywhere.  Okay, maybe this is just known by his friends and family but it’s like he can flip a switch and he’s out like a light. 

So I took my mom’s advice and got a supply of Ambien for the trip at my last doctor appointment.  The doctor suggested I try it out at home before using it on the plane.  I can see why.  The warning pamphlet that came with the prescription started out like this:

After taking the medication, you may get up out of bed while not being fully awake and do an activity that you do not know you are doing.  The next morning, you may not remember that you did anything during the night.  Reported activities include:

 – driving a car (“sleep driving”)

 making and eating food

– talking on the phone

– having sex

– sleep-walking

I like how they’ve coined an actual term for driving while you’re asleep…”sleep driving”. 

I decided last night to be a good night for a trial run.  Upon reading the warnings above, Bob hid my car keys and locked all the doors before going to bed.  I’m not even kidding.  He still won’t tell me where the hiding spot was in case I ever take the pills again at home!  haha. 

So how did it go?  The results looked a little something like this:

I took the pill and promptly got into bed, checking emails and other things on my iPhone until I felt sleepy.  But according to Bob, I also got loopy.  At one point I was playing unfunny ESPN videos (ESPN?!) on my phone, laughing, and then showing him the same video multiple times.  I have no memory of this.  Apparently I also told him that “I thought of a new game we should play.  Let’s both take some Ambien and see who can stay awake the longest”.  Hahaha, that cracks me up because 1. I don’t remember that at all and 2. how would we know who won the game?!  I guess a couple of minutes after my video playing stunt he glanced over and I had my head back, dead asleep, phone still in hand.  Oh boy, I sure hope I just fall asleep and keep my mouth shut on the plane!

So that’s my funny experience with sleeping pills.  Just too funny not to document.


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