Posted by: diywannabe | January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday, Sonny!!

My baby dog is two years old already?!?  How can this be???  Seems like just yesterday that we went scouting at the local animal shelter and there he was all by himself at the tender age of 12 weeks.  All of his brothers and sisters had been adopted a couple of days prior and the poor little guy was having to sleep by himself without the comfort of a pile of his siblings.

Immediately upon spotting him snoring away in his window, we went to find someone and inquire about his availability.  Visitors were starting to filter in through the front doors and I was ready to run interference if anyone dared try to steal my soon-to-be puppy!  One of the employees went and woke up the little snoozer and carried him out to us so we could get to know him in their play room.  I don’t know if he was still waking up from his nap or what but he was the most mellow puppy we’d ever met!  That changed a little bit as soon as we got him home and let him run in the yard:

But he remained very mellow 95% of the time to this day EXCEPT when he spots other dogs.  In the first couple months we thought this was going to be a very serious problem….how could a puppy be so obsessed and excited about EVERY SINGLE dog/puppy/child he met?!  We were chopped liver!  And I have to admit that it’s still a training issue that we struggle with today- almost 2 years later.  He just loves everyone and I guess we can’t fault him too much for that.  The doggy daycare he goes to once a week even uses him to test the temperament of incoming dogs.  He’s everybody’s buddy!

It’s amazing to look back and see how much he’s grown.  One of the first times up the stairs!

Sometimes an angel:

Sometimes naughty:

Sometimes silly:

Always finding time to relax, whether it be by the front door:

After a day at the beach:

In the shower:

On a pile of laundry:

On the pillow next to me in bed:

Or on the couch on a cold day:

Spoiled?  Not nearly enough!  And I’m touched that he thinks he’s a little baby and can still fit on my lap:

He’s starting to look less like a puppy and more like an adult dog.

But he definitely still acts like a pup most of the time.  (And still pees like a girl hehe.)

Cheers to another year {or 7 in dog years} under the belt.  I can’t wait to see where the road takes us next….



  1. Happy Birthday to Sonny! He reminds me of my Murphy (girl with a boy name) I could insert her face in any of your photos! I do love Dogs!

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