Posted by: diywannabe | January 22, 2011

Mail, Mail Go Away

Come back again another day?  And it will.  I actually love receiving mail.  Except when it comes in the form of bills, junk mail {I can’t handle any more credit cards, so please stop sending the offers}, or things I need to keep around for a while.  We didn’t really have a good landing spot for the paper onslaught because our entryway cannot accommodate a table.  The little set of drawers across from the front door is small and plus I didn’t really want the first thing you see upon walking into our house to be a unruley stack of papers. 

So in my laziness, the opened mail would pile up on any available surface in the kitchen:  the peninsula countertop, the kitchen table, even the chairs.  Messy messy messy!  Sometimes they would be nicely separated into their respective piles:  “keep around because I can’t bear to throw it away yet”, “need to pay this”, “this random coupon might come in handy some day”, “Oooh a pretty catalog filled with things I can’t afford”.  You get the picture.  Even if they were nicely separated, it still looked like a pile of papers – a.k.a. clutter.  Something needed to be done.

The first step was determining where to implement this organization “station”.  As I already said, the front door was out of the question.  Yes, it would be very convenient to step through the front door and have somewhere to lay down the pile of mail but I didn’t want that mess to greet guests.  So back to the kitchen.  In one corner of the breakfast “nook” we have the dog’s food & water set up along with a rinky dink wine rack.  On top of this wine rack was one of those desktop organizers that was supposed to hold our mail.  In reality it was holding about a million Bed, Bath, & Beyond coupons dating back to 2008.  And it was just too small.  But the walls in that corner were bare…naked {except for the dizzying wallpaper}.  Hmm, baskets on the wall perhaps?  Yep, that’s what I did.

I purchased the set of three baskets at Home Goods for $12.99.  They are attached to the wall with those little picture hanger hooks {2 on each basket}.  I kept the set of pineapple hooks on the same wall {for keys} but just moved it down to accommodate the baskets.

The next step was to determine what each basket would hold and subsequently be labeled.  This also made me take a hard look at what I was keeping around each time the mail was delivered.  I was forced to fight my pack rat tendencies and declutter.  I guess it isn’t necessary to keep all those greeting and Thank You cards around for a few weeks huh?  Especially when they are just sitting in a pile.  So I scaled it back to three categories {since I had three baskets!}:  Bills, things to File, and Catalogs & Coupons.  The labels were printed on my computer, cut out, pasted onto blue cardstock, then hot glued onto the baskets.

And here you can see Sonny wondering what happened to his corner:

I made him sit and stay in front of his photo, hence the un-amused look.  Haha.  But I’m happy to report that the mail station has been in operation for a couple of weeks now and is working out splendidly.  Bob was a bit skeptical at my plans when I was trying to hang the baskets so I’ve been extra diligent about using them and NOT leaving mail around all willy nilly.  I slipped up once and boy was he quick to pick up on it!  So he’s my built-in BS craft meter always wondering, “is that really necessary”.  In this case it was and I think he agrees now.



  1. What a fabulous idea. I love it. That wallpaper is especially exciting, isn’t it? I think it would start moving if you looked at it long enough. There’s something about it that really appeals to me!

  2. You ARE a great decorator. That wall-paper is stunning. And, by the way, thanks for your comment on my blog regarding Scams. Sorry to hear that others are also subject to these strange intrusions. Maybe WordPress will fix it. I’ve notified them, gave them a link to my post — and they’ll see your comment there too!

  3. Yes, I like the baskets and the hangers, but even more do I like the Lab…Your wallpaper reminds me of one we had in a previous home too. Our Lab, Winnie, is also no more, unfortunately.

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