Posted by: diywannabe | January 19, 2011

I’ve Been Framed

Is the market really lacking in cheap picture frames or is it just me?  Ikea seems to have the market cornered when it comes to affordable wall frames but unfortunately there isn’t an Ikea within 200 miles of me.  Oh wait, I stand corrected:

Charlotte, NC
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199 mi Get Directions Get Directions

It’s 199 miles to the nearest store (according to the Ikea website), so less than 200.  Boo.

Even finding affordable frames at Michael’s was a challenge unless I decided to do some altering (which is exactly what I did).  Remember when I bragged posted about these three frames that scored during my last Michael’s shopping trip?

Well I finally got around to do something with all of them.  First up, the brownish frames.  They are 11 x 14 frames matted to fit an 8 x 10 photo.  The mat actually seemed pretty high quality and neutral enough to leave alone.  The finish on the frame was a little weird.  It had a faux metal finish that was all brownish/copper and looked totally fake.  Granted, the frames were cheap (around $8 each) but I didn’t want them to look it!  So I had an extra can of this lying around:

And I removed the glass and did a bit of spraying:

Two quick coats did the trick and I was left with a much nicer finish.  I then filled each frame with a blown up photo that I had snapped with my super duper new camera (Christmas present this year!).

The bowl of fruit photo came out a little orangey for my taste but I can always replace it with something else later.  It’s easy now that I have a new photo printer too (another Christmas gift this year!).

The other frame (the white one) was already pretty enough and didn’t really need anything.  Oh well if you don’t count the mat.  It was originally matted for four separate smaller photos but I wanted to do a little art DIYing.  So I printed a large “S” off of the computer onto regular old white printer paper.  Instead of the supplied mat, I used a piece of scrapbooking paper that I cut a square out of the center.  Taa daa!  Instant monogram art piece.  And the “S” is for our last name, in case that wasn’t clear.  Not bad for less than $5 total!

I do have to mention that the above photo and the ones below were all taken with my iPhone and NOT my super duper new camera.  I’d hate to give my new camera a bad name with the crappy photo quality displayed here.  The shelf is hanging in the entry way/foyer and I’m still playing with the arrangement of everything, as you can see.

On non-craft related note, we’ve had some crazy cold weather recently here in Charleston.  So cold that even the schools were canceled, work places shut down, bridges closed.  Granted, it was around the freezing mark which isn’t cold by Northern standards but it is the South we’re talking about.  Even our Southern doggy was a bit of a wimp.  Here he is in our bed being a bit silly:


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