Posted by: diywannabe | January 11, 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Just imagine that title being shouted in a deep booming voice…like those commercials for the gun show.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Then you’re missing out.  Pretty much like this:

Anyways, this post really has nothing to do with guns, shows, or anything else of that nature.  Just a good ol’ fashioned post-holiday sale at Michael’s that I happened to hit up on a Sunday.  Random connection, I know. 

I succeeded in luring Bob to the sketchy area where the Michael’s is located with the promise of going to Best Buy and browsing.  Best Buy happens to be in the same strip mall as Michael’s and is the only one around.  And did you know that guys like gadgets and electronics?  So much so that the simple idea of being able to look at said gadgets without even buying was enough to let me spend almost two hours in the craft store uninterrupted.  Score!  What a trooper.  And I’m happy to report that those two hours did not lead to a disastrous credit card bill thanks to the after-holiday sale and some coupons.

Here are some of the goodies that I brought home:

These silver and purple berry picks came out to $0.19 each after the 80% off sale and my coupons!  I got five of them- that’s almost free!  I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with them but I have one on each of the four place settings in the dining room and one stuck in the centerpiece.

I also came home with these three picture frames:

The darker ones are matted for 8 x 10 photos and had some strange faux metal or wood finish to them.  I’ll explain in more detail what I did with those in a future post.  On clearance at $8 a piece plus whatever I saved with coupons they just couldn’t be passed up.  The white one is matted for four different photos and cost about $4.  I said goodbye to the mat and did a little art DIYing.  More on that later as well.

The last thing I’ll brag about my little shopping trip is this stem of lemons:

There are about 7 or 8 faux lemons and leaves on a single stem and they look pretty darn realistic when shoved in a bowl or pitcher:

Right now they are residing in the $10 clearance pitcher I picked up at Home Goods awhile back.  The burst of yellow really brightens things up in the kitchen during this gloomy winter weather.

Some other things that I picked up:  a handful of decorative papers in pretty patterns (at $0.39 a piece!), some clear fillable ornaments for next year, a bag of moss, some Modge Podge, and some spray on glaze that I’m about to use on another project.  I’ve never even heard of this stuff before but I’m hoping whatever I spray it on will end up looking something like that pitcher above.

So that’s my loot I came home with that I needed to brag about.  Getting a good deal is 90 percent of the fun!



  1. Ha, here in Melbourne we have a Spotlight (fabric/craft store) right next to a Good Guys electrical shop. And over the road is a home improvements shop. It’s genius, I tell you!

    What we don’t have though, is coupons, and from the deals I see Americans getting I really wish we did!

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