Posted by: diywannabe | December 23, 2010

Craftiness Continued…

I promised some examples and here they are.  Please excuse the poor picture quality- they were taken with my iPhone before I had a blog.

Example 1:  Reupholster Living Room Cornice Boards/Window Valances

As you may have guessed, this picture was not originally intended as a photo of the valance.  Forgive me.  The valances were already in place from the previous owner.  However, they were covered in some strange textured cream burlap fabric along with matching curtains that were velcroed to the boards.  I found fabric online and simply recovered them by snipping and stapling right to the board.  The white panels were stolen from the upstairs bedroom and I eventually stapled those on as well.  Stapling was a shortcut and much easier than hand stitching them on.  Originally I wanted to make new cornice boards that were bigger and fit the window proportions better but I had too much on my plate and got lazy.  This was a much quicker and easier fix.

Example 2:  Throw pillows 

That is actually only one pillow (front and back).  My grand plan was to make a bunch of new pillow covers that matched the window valances and other colors in the room.  To date only one has been made and that was months ago.  The major snag (pun intended) occurred when my sewing machine’s bobbin case popped out and I smashed it into bits trying to force it back in the wrong way.  All is now recovered after some new parts and time spent at the sewing machine doctor but the initial excitement got lost somewhere along the way.

Example 3:  Table Runner


The dining room is unfinished and the table not set properly.  This runner was a rush job that I wanted to get done before Thanksgiving and the arrival of the in-laws.  Only the weekend before had we scored the dining room table at an antique store for an amazing $120!  I refinished the top and needed to dress it up a bit.  Enter some clearance fabric and the sewing machine!  I thought it turned out pretty well and it has more shimmer to it in person.

Example 4:  Dog Bed

My orginal intentions were to use these two contrasting fabrics for the pesky throw pillows mentioned above.  But I wasn’t a big fan of the texture and weight of the fabric so I decided to try my hand at sewing a dog bed and if it didn’t turn out then no loss.  My first mistake occurred in the measuring department.  As you can see, it appears that I measured for a Great Dane sized dog bed instead of one for my tiny little Lab.  The finished product is stuffed not only with his original dog bed but also three, yes THREE, standard size bed pillows!  He seems to approve though.  The second mistake was not having my supplies on hand.  I did an envelope enclosure at one end with the intention of attaching velcro to keep it shut.  Did I have velcro?  Of course not, as you can see in the above right photo.  But I’m happy to report that Kmart came to my rescue and the velcro is holding strong.

So there are a few of my craftiness attempts.  Obviously I’m no Martha Stewart and I’m sure she would recoil in horror and the idea of stapling curtain panels directly to the cornice board.  Eh consider me a pioneer in the craft world : )


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