Posted by: diywannabe | December 14, 2010

And so it begins…

Disclaimer:  I’m not very witty and am pretty horrible at retelling stories.  This blog may get off to a rough start.  Just be forewarned…

Wowza!  The very first blog post.  Where do I begin?  Well I guess I should start by declaring my motivation/purpose/reason for creating this blog.  The main reason is that I get bored at work a lot.  The second, equally important, reason is my desire to remember all the details of our home projects- all of the “befores” once any trace of them is erased by my craftiness.  And if my mother’s memory is any indication of what lies ahead for me, I’m going to need to write everything down and have lots of pictures.  Sorry Mom, but it’s true. 

My motivation lies solely with my husband.  He’s been pushing me to start a blog of my own ever since I discovered home improvement blogs and began relaying the posts to him on a daily basis.  Sorry, dearest.  I have a hunch that he secretly believes that my blog is going to become famous or make us rich.  I think the alcohol makes him forget how unfunny and boring I can be.  But who am I to argue?  At the very least this blog will serve as my personal journal centered around our home and family life.

Here is our house:

Ain’t she a beaut?  That’s actually how the house looked on Inspection Day before we closed on it.  We’ve made a few minor changes to the outside but nothing mind blowing yet.  We became its official owners on August 20, 2010.  Here are the current stats for those that care:

Location:   South Carolina (a suburb of Charleston)

Sq footage:  almost 2,000

Bedrooms:  3 with a huge finished bonus room upstairs as a potential 4th

Bathrooms:  2 and a half

Lot:  0.36 beautiful acres

Year built:  1978

According to the neighbor, we are the 4th owners of this house which still sports its original windows (yuck), textured ceilings, and multiple styles of old lady wallpaper.  But more on that later.  It could be much much worse stylewise and the last owner did maintain things very well.

And so starts this blog, almost four (very long) months after taking the plunge and purchasing a real house!


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